Our environment is largely dependent on bees for its survival. Yes, it is so true. Despite the fact that these insects are so small and annoying when they bite you, they are survivors in keeping our environment fresh and continuity of biodiversity. For decades, the natural trees and other plants have been surviving because of existence of activities of bees. Their benefits are endless. The bees depend on humans for survival. Therefore, our relationship with bees is symbiotic. We have to protect the bees by preserving the plants and flowers that give food to the bees. The bees feed on the pollen grains. Most of the chemicals the human use on the plants, like the fertilizers and the pesticide, are detrimental to the bees.

These chemicals are poisonous to them and can wipe out their population. It is our duty to make sure we protect the bees’ colonies, to enhance our survival. Most plants we use depend on pollination for reproduction in plants. The bees facilitate this pollination. As the bees get into the flowers for pollen food, the bee pollen grains attach themselves on their hairs and legs. Female bees also carry the pollens in their pollens baskets on their legs. Some of the pollens fall into the female reproductive parts facilitating fertilization of plants of same species. While the bees move from flower to flower, some of the pollens fall into the other flowers, and into the female reproductive parts of the flowers. This facilitates cross-pollination.385190302_288ec972db_o

Cross-pollination give rise to production of better plants with high quality and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Plants fertilization gives rise to growth of more plants. New trees grow in forests as a result of cross pollination, adding biodiversity. The forests attract rains naturally. They also modify the weather and climate of the local areas they are in, to be cool and less hot. Agriculture sector flourishes when new crops grow. The plants are kept green and fresh. These crops are food source for us humans. Without the activities of the bees, our agricultural store will be depleted and it can lead to starvation in the world.

The trees are carbon sinkers and release oxygen to the environment. This helps to 3647934522_fa2473be49_bprotect the o ozone layer from erosion by the greenhouse gases like the carbon. This is healthy to the environment from the harmful effects of the extreme sun rays. This circulation keeps the environment fresh and clean to be in. Aesthetic value is enhanced in the environment, when the trees are kept green and well maintained. Most plants, like the avocados, apples and many more, give rise to new plants after pollination. These bees carry out the pollination. This makes the environment rich in fruits. New types of fruits are discovered continuously in the world, due to the cross pollination by the bees. This has promoted biodiversity and made sure that the environment is protected and value added to it daily. The trees resulting from the activities of the bees provide shade to us. They protect water catchment areas and protect the soil from erosion. The soils are also made healthy, cultivatable and fertile for agricultural activities. We enjoy the benefits of the environment, thanks to the bees, which ensures that the plants reproduce and promote biodiversity.